WOW! What a weekend! So if you did not know WE BEAT PENN STATE this weekend. The city was buzzing. I want to share my amazing unforgettable experience of that day.

I started off my day by waking up early to go get breakfast with my friends. We went to the dining hall and you could just feel the excitement from everyone. After that, we went to go get ready for the big day. We all braided our hair and put our striped overalls on and we were ready to go. We headed over to the Pentacrest, and there were people everywhere around the stage. The Fox Big Noon kickoff was getting the crowd so excited, they had a station where we made a fan video. They had free Wendys. They were giving out hats, shirts, scarves, really anything you can think of. The energy was electric!

After we stayed there for while we went to Kinnick where we got in line so we could get really good seats. Once we got in it was about an hour to kickoff, so we hung out and watched the stripes of the stadium form. Throughout the game, it was very stressful, everyone’s feet were hurting and we were losing but no one gave up hope. It only made everyone cheer louder. It was such a surreal experience to see the stadium so full and so loud.

When we went up by three, the whole crowd was on the same page. It is almost time to storm the field. Once the final whistle was blown there was no stopping the student section from celebrating the way we wanted to. When looking back at the photos, the field was full, you could not see a patch of turf anywhere.

This game was such an amazing experience and it was so fun celebrating with my school. WE ARE 6-0. Let’s take down Purdue this week. NUMBER 2 IN THE NATION. OMG!!!



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