Dead Week

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While our counterparts at Iowa State are graced with a dead week to “study,” we still find ourselves attending class.

Thank goodness.

While it may seem like a drag to not get a whole week off to study at whatever pace you desire, the structure of this last week will probably be doing you a huge favor. Have you ever had a bunch of homework to do over a weekend? Your Saturday’s totally free, so you’ll take care of some of it then, and then the rest on Sunday morning, leaving time for plenty of activities.

Then, 9 p.m. on Sunday’s shown up and you’ve done NOTHING. Things got so busy with the Facebook and the…Facebook. Better rationalize it by complaining about how much work you have on Facebook!

I’m super grateful that this university is forcing me to attend classes. It’s for my own good. Really. I feel like we’re actually lucky to be graced with review sessions so close to finals. Those that have been keeping up with their studies will get a good refresher, and the rest of us will have material to guide our panic-stricken week.

Coffee’s cheap, most of life isn’t. It’s better to not waste study time playing Spent (it’s a pretty enlightening game, I suggest looking it up), study, and then avoid playing Spent in real life (again, you’d really need to play it for a few minutes to understand what I mean).

Good luck,


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  1. Adam says:


    I apologize for my lack of research, and am appreciative of the feedback. I’ll be sure to double check my facts in any posts that may concern other schools and their policies.

    Thanks for reading,

  2. Linsey says:

    I think you have it all wrong. Here at Iowa State we still attend classes during dead week. The thing we don’t have is extra curricular activities and during dead week the professor are not suppose to assign big projects so that students can get a head start on studying for finals. Well there you have it while you are going about your week in Iowa City we are having just a bit of extra time to look ahead and prep finals. Hope your finals go well when you get that far and if you have anymore comments about Iowa State I would love to check your work so you can post informed information about Iowa State University.

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