Finding a Routine

I’ve come to the conclusion that going home three weekends in a row was a very, very bad idea.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed seeing my family and pretending as though I had never left for college. It was fun being able to eat food I didn’t pay for and pick on my siblings. It was fun seeing my high school’s football team (which I used to be a manager for) beat one of its biggest rivals for the first time in years. It was fun watching college football on Saturdays with my parents like we always had. It was fun going to a Labor Day weekend cookout with my stepdad’s side of the family and seeing my aunts and uncles, grandparents, and cousins.┬áIt was fun watching my brother play his first football game and actually win. It was fun giving real hugs instead of virtual ones.

It was all fun.

But, like I said, I was just pretending.

Now as my first weekend of staying in Hillcrest since classes started approaches, I’m finally starting to realize how different it’s going to be from here on. I won’t have the opportunity to go home again for a few weeks because Iowa plays at home this weekend against North Texas and next weekend against Penn State.

But that’s okay for a few reasons:
1) I love my job. Filming Hawkeye football is a thrill and, even though I haven’t been able to film an actual game yet, standing on the sideline and running cards is just as exciting (even when taking into consideration the fact that I’m really out of shape).
2) I need to be more independent. I’m an adult now, right? Time to start acting like it.
3) I need to develop a routine.

I’m a person who loves routines. I love planning everything down to the hour, and sometimes even the minute. But since I’ve gone home every weekend, I haven’t developed a very solid routine yet. I haven’t figured out a sleep schedule, I haven’t figured out when the best time to do my laundry is, and I haven’t come up with a study plan. I have a giant to-do list full of about 20 things I need to get done.

Pay my U-bill. Pay interest on my student loans. Apply for another job. Start researching for a presentation.

And it’s driving me crazy that I don’t have it all planned out. Maybe my college routine can be to not have much of a routine at all and just take everything day-by-day.

But I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how these next few weeks go and take it from there.


See you next time, Hawks!


And so it begins…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after one week of classes, it’s that procrastination is still my number one enemy. For example, I told myself I would submit my first blog post on Friday, the 25th.

And what day is it now? Monday, the 28th. And I’m rushing to finish writing it right before my second class starts.

While the first week of college was lacking in homework (yay for syllabus week), it was still incredibly hectic and productivity was a necessity. I had a million and one things I wanted, and needed, to do, but failed to even start. This was also a problem for me in high school, but the only difference is that I have a lot more going on now than I did back then.

On Monday, I had my first class (Contemporary Issues in Sports) at 9:30 am, and I didn’t have my second class (Inequality in American Sport) until 2:30 pm. This gap between classes provided me with the opportunity to at least do something productive, so I opted for doing my laundry in the residence hall for the first time. Getting my clothes in the washer was easy enough, but of course, with my luck, it all went downhill from there. When it came time to dry my clothes, I somehow managed to shove all of them into the bottom dryer, but ended up pressing the start button for the top dryer. I’m still not sure how I managed to make that mistake, but I ended up having to pay again. To top it off, when I came back to get my clothes after they finished drying, they were all still damp. For some crazy reason, I thought it was a good idea to put seven towels and a week’s worth of clothes in all at once.

Tuesday was when things started to get more hectic. While I didn’t have class until 12:30 pm, I had to be at football practice at seven in the morning. Being a videographer for the football team is fun, but I am in no way a morning person. After going to both of my Tuesday classes (Media History and Culture and Introduction to the Politics of Race) that afternoon, I hung out in my dorm room for a while. At five pm, we had our mandatory floor meeting where we introduced ourselves and talked about all of the things we had already gone over at orientation. At 9:15 pm, I had a KRUI sports department meeting where we discussed shows and show times. And at around 12 pm, I finally went to bed.

Wednesday was my busiest day in terms of classes. At 9:30 am, I had Contemporary Issues in Sports and right after that, at 10:30 am, I had the discussion for that class. And then, just like on Monday, I didn’t have my next (and last) class until 2:30 pm. I think I did a pretty good job at spacing out my classes and limiting the amount I have in one day in order to ease myself into college. On Wednesday night, I had an informational meeting for the Sport and Rec Management program. We found out about the different networking opportunities, met a lot of the staff, and had the chance to win a skip-the-line pass for the Chicago field trip (spoiler: I didn’t win). The trip would have consisted of a bus ride to Chicago to network and go to the Cubs vs. Braves game, but sadly I had prior commitments that prevented me from registering.

On Thursday, I only had two classes (Media History and Culture and Introduction to the Politics of Race). At 3:30 pm, I was supposed to have a meeting with my advisor at the Pomerantz Career Center, so I headed over there after my last class. When I got there, I found out that they had to cancel all of the meetings with my advisor because he hadn’t been there all week. They said they sent me an e-mail, but I never got it. Nevertheless, I headed back to my dorm room and relaxed for a while. At around five pm, I headed over to the Old Cap Mall for a Pizza Party with some of the other student bloggers. It was really cool to meet everyone and I can’t wait for the next one! That night, I had to go to bed early because I needed to be at the football facility for practice at six in the morning. Just as I was falling asleep, the fire alarm went off and everyone had to evacuate the building, which was just my luck.

On Friday morning, I walked to the football facility for practice. I got out of there around nine am, and then I had my discussion class for Inequality in American Sport at 10:30 am. After that, I had my discussion class for Media History and Culture at 1:30 pm. Once I was finished with classes, I went back to my dorm and started packing my bag.

Yes, I was already making a trip home. While I had yet to feel really homesick, I did miss my parents and siblings, and couldn’t wait to see them again.

My first week of college was full of a lot of changes, new experiences, and a few bumps in the road. I might have seen a cockroach in the girls’ bathroom once or twice (or maybe three times) and I might have gotten lost in Van Allen, but I wasn’t going to let any of that ruin my first week.

I would apologize for the super long, tell-instead-of-show post (believe me, they will not all be like this), but I think it “fits the bill” because it was definitely a super long week.

But I do have a feeling the weeks are only going to get longer.


See you next time, Hawks!