Projects, Finals, And Oh Yeah….Christmas Break!

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Hey Hawkeyes!

I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in a month! The weeks after Thanksgiving were a whirlwind. I’ll try to go through each of the weeks and update on what’s coming this next semester.

So November 27th was my registration day and 9:20am was my time. I was at my computer at 9:15am and at 9:18 I was hitting refresh every 30 seconds. I had spent my break planning the ideal (or close to it) schedule. Some of the classes that I needed to get that schedule were starting to fill up so I knew I had to register for those classes first. I am happy to say that I am now registered for all my classes. Well, almost all. One of the classes I was really looking forward to taking was restricted to a different major. I couldn’t register for it. However, the course description said that I could contact the instructor. Moment of hope! I emailed the instructor. After a week of no response, I am left with talking to the professor on the first day of class. I’m really hoping it works out.

December 3rd was the University Band concert. A couple of my high school friends came to watch, which was awesome. It was cool to have my high school friends meet my new college friends. It was also fun to finally perform the songs we’d been working on. It was sad saying goodbye to some of my band friends though. If I get into the class I mentioned earlier I won’t be able to do band next semester. I’ll definitely miss it. It was a nice escape from science and math.

The following Friday, the prototype for Engineering Problem Solving 1 was due. In my last blog I mentioned the Zero Energy Loss Homeless Shelter project. We had to make a scale model and test it under a heat lamp and in front of a fan. We had tested it before and had some issues, but we made improvements and had high hopes. We had insulated our shelter so well that heat couldn’t get in(kinda a big issue). We flipped our ceiling to the floor, made our window bigger(and less insulated), and changed our door from a doggy door to a halfway normal door. Isn’t it pretty? 🙂

Group 11's homeless shelter the Iowa City Emergency Shelter, ICES for short :)

Group 11’s homeless shelter the Iowa City Emergency Shelter, ICES for short 🙂

The next week was full of chemistry homework, my last computer program (in MatLab… ew), making a poster for ICES, and math presentations. My engineering group worked for about 10 hours on the poster for the poster presentation. It turned out pretty nice.

My group, Group 11, with our poster. What do you think?

My group, Group 11, with our poster. What do you think?

This was our last project together, so the picture of our group that we put on the poster was done ceremoniously. We put tape on the back, put it on the poster and we all put our hands on top of each others and pressed it on. It was by far the dumbest thing I have ever done, but it was actually great team-bonding. I loved this group, we had a ton of fun. I’m really going to miss them.

For math, we had a presentation about applying math to our hobbies or using math in a real world situation. My group chose how math is used in photography. It was fun to research, and it made me realize that I really like photography. I’m thinking about taking some more photography classes. It would be fun to get better at it and have a break from all the science and math of engineering.

On that Friday night, since it was the weekend before finals week and the last weekend my friends were all together, we had a pizza party and played games. While we were hanging out, we looked out the window and it was snowing!

First snow of the year!

First snow of the year!

So we, of course, had to run outside and stand in it. It was way too warm for it to stick and it melted before it hit the ground. By the time we came in it was more like rain, but it was still exciting. I’m glad it didn’t snow while we were there, a few of my friends may have had a hard time getting home.

That weekend was filled with studying and review sessions led by Teaching Assistants. I also applied to be an RA during that weekend (hoping for the best!).

My finals were 7:30am and 8:30pm Monday and 7:30am Tuesday. It was nice to be done so early, but it didn’t give me much time to study between them. All of my finals went ok. I wished they could have gone better, but I tried my best. All in all my homework grades were pretty much perfect so I knew my overall grade couldn’t be too horrible. It was sad saying goodbye to my friends, especially knowing I wouldn’t see some of them for over a month. When you get used to seeing people every day, it feels weird when you realize you won’t see them at all.

Packing to come home from break was a bit stressful too. I didn’t want to forget anything I might need since the dorm building closes for winter break. I also rearranged my room. I’ll take a picture and post it when I get back. There are some other things I might try with rearranging my room too. We’ll see how the current one works out.

Well, I think I’ll end this ridiculously long post here. I promise not to go an entire month without blogging again. Good bye for now 🙂