What’s Fluffy and White and Cold All Over?

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Hey Hawkeyes!
Guess what?!

It snowed! :)


It SNOWED!!!!!!!

Isn’t it exciting?! Ok, yeah, it made everything wet and sloppy and kinda cold to walk to class in. I didn’t have far to walk today, but I know several people who had to walk across campus and they really didn’t enjoy it. However, I love snow! I think campus looks so pretty covered in it. I plan on taking some more pictures soon. The snow was just blowing too much for me to want to take my big camera outside. Word of advice: invest in some nice warm, water-proof boots. A lot of people were taken by surprise by the snow and didn’t have proper footwear. Ok, I might have been one of them (I didn’t have room in my bags when I moved back to campus 🙁 ). But a lot of people tried just wearing their rain boots and discovered how cold snow actually is. A couple people with nice, warm boots discovered the necessity of water-proofing.

In the meantime, here’s some pictures of the snow and ice (from the safety and warmth of my lounge with HUGE windows 🙂 ).