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Hey Hawkeyes!

Some of the new friends I've made in one of my classes

Some of the new friends I’ve made in one of my classes

Just a quick update from me this time! The week started off a little hectic, but still fun none the less.

I’ve already made some new friends in a few of my classes. Here’s just one of the pictures from hanging out and talking after class. I’ll post more pictures later. They’re so much fun and I’m going to miss them when the class finishes in a couple weeks(it’s just a seminar). A cool story about this picture though: The guy on the left, the girl second from the right, and I all had the same  high school band teacher. Two separate high schools (he left my school and went to a different one) and we all met in this class. How awesome is that?! And it gets better: the band teacher graduated from University of Iowa! Yeah. Small world, huh? 🙂

On another topic, I had my first chem test last night. It went pretty well. I was really unsure about it. There were a few questions that I felt like I knew it, but I just couldn’t come up with the right process. But several questions took me forever to work out were actually correct, which made me feel good. I used the full time, which means that I kept trying instead of just guessing and getting it over with, so I was happy. I felt like I genuinely did my best. Granted yes, I should have studied a little more (the one question was so similar to one I had practiced but I just couldn’t remember it), but I know how to prepare for the next test. I’m also a bit more inspired because this semester is (so far!) starting off better than last semester as far as exams go.

Have a great day, talk to you soon!