Moving out

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Hey Hawkeyes!

How’s life treating everyone? Life here is going smoothly. I’m a little worried for finals, but I really just want to get them done and move home.

I’ve been doing some studying as well as having fun. I’m not sure if I talked about it earlier in my blog, but I did Friends and Neighbors Day at the beginning of the year. Every first year who signed up was matched with an international first year student. Even though it was just one day of events, the girl I was matched with and I have stayed in contact. She’s from China and decided I needed to try some real Chinese food, so she took me out to eat. The food was awesome and I loved getting to talk to her before we both get busy with finals. She’s actually staying here to do research over the summer so I may get to see her at some point.

My friend from Friends and Neighbors Day.

My friend from Friends and Neighbors Day.

Since it’s the week before finals, everyone is making plans to move home. I, along with several of my other friends, are moving some stuff home the weekend before so there’s not as much stuff after finals. The fun part? When everyone’s families come. It’s been great to get to know my friends’ families more. One of my friends has had her younger sisters come and stay with her and we’ve all loved getting to hang out with them. In return for helping move out and in celebration of (almost) surviving our entire first year of college, one of my friends parents took a few of us out to eat.

Enjoying awesome food and friendship

Enjoying awesome food and friendship

Very artistic food and the oreo cheesecake was AMAZING!

Very artistic food and the oreo cheesecake was AMAZING!

Thanks so much to her parents! The food was amazing! It was also nice to get away from campus and enjoy being around a family (her parents are so nice and her sisters are so fun to talk to!). I’ve made some really great friends here.

She's amazing too!

She’s amazing too!

Another one of my friends moved out most of her stuff the next day, so I helped again. Again, I was thanked with food (thank you to her parents too!). So as the new tradition, we needed a picture of it.

Her family didn't appreciate the picture as much :)

Her family didn’t appreciate the picture as much 🙂

I’m so excited to go home, but so sad to leave my friends. Right now I’m focused on studying for finals and doing well on those and just enjoying the friendships I’ve made.