Football Season

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Hey Hawkeyes!

So sorry I missed last week’s post! It’s been crazy busy. I’m getting used to the homework schedule though. Engineering Math 2 is due on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Thermodynamics is due Wednesdays, as is Organic Chemistry. Process Calculations and Physics are both due on Friday. Basically I do homework all the time. However, I take enough breaks to do fun stuff that the homework doesn’t seem too tedious.

The past couple of weekends I have gone to football games with a large group of friends. Here’s some pictures for you guys.

Even though I know next to nothing about football, going to a game with friends and joining the energy of the stadium filled with cheers was exhilarating. Although I do recommend wearing sunblock. Carrying a backpack with a sunburn is a bit painful. After the game two weeks ago, we had a movie night and an ice cream run. A few of my friends live in Centerstone, the honors apartments just off campus. To make the most of their shared living space they bought a giant beanbag chair. I’d just like to say that this beanbag is the most comfortable thing to take a nap on and we can fit so many people on it, it’s great for watching movies.

My friends on the giant beanbag chair :)

My friends on the giant beanbag chair 🙂

I really need to get better at posting more often. I’ll try really hard to get a few more posts in this week!