Note the Time

Please note the time – 3:56 am.  I’m awake?  I haven’t seen 3AM since? I can’t specifically remember.  Not even at the wedding I attended this past weekend, was I up at this time.  These are the only occasions that time that quickly come to mind: The University of Iowa’s Dance Marathon, watching for shooting stars in Northern Wisconsin, and, well that’s it. I’m not upset about it; 3AM is not a time I care to see.

Regardless, now I’m awake, and can’t fall back to sleep.  I’ve started thinking about my day on campus…

Work.  Another busy day planning fall travel, in addition to the other tasks and projects needing attention. Skip thinking about work.

Campus speaker.  Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh is to speak tonight at the Englert Theater, downtown Iowa City.  Coincidently, the same friend who brought this to my attention was the same friend with whom I attended the Aasif Mandvi (hilarious correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) lecture last week.  This friend rocks; as did the Mandvi lecture.  From what I’ve read, I understand Hsieh agreed to speak to one of the courses offered here on campus, titled Life Design: Building Your Future. I’d never be able to do Hsieh justice in trying to describe his accomplishments here in this short blog.  I’d rather you read all about him, the event, and the course from a UI press release at:  If you’d like to read about the notes from tonight, check out the course’s website following.  It’s available here:

4:14. Back to bed for 2 hours.  But first, a drink of water.  *Crossing my fingers* Please don’t wake up, Oliver (the dog and one of my roommates).