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Tomorrow is your last day to exercise your voice, productively, in American politics. If you haven’t been lured into voting early by the many opportunities to do so on campus, get ready for the rush that is voting on election day. It’ll be messy and crowded, but it’ll be worth it!

Democracy in America is the best system of government on the face of the planet. We enjoy freedoms many other countries, even those as developed as our own, don’t get. However, we’re a broken and messy system. Democracy has grown from several thousand Greeks screaming at each other in a stadium into a giant, misinformed, argument between 300 million individuals which includes (but certainly is not limited to) the fabrication of lies, finger pointing, and eating Big Macs. That’s American Democracy.

Here’s an analogy. Imagine you’re driving your little brother to the hospital to get vaccinations. He’s getting these vaccinations so that he can be allowed in schools, get an education, and then lead a better existence as compared to what he’s attained in his current four year old lifespan. However, he refuses to see your point of view, and does everything in his power to ruin your plan (including kicking, screaming, and creating Filibusters), because all he sees is the 5 seconds of pain during the shot.

You represent one political party (it doesn’t matter, take your pick), and your little brother represents the other. That’s why nothing gets done, the debt goes up, and news sources make money playing the blame game.

There’s no simple fix to anything. There simply can’t be in a situation involving over 300 million people, and almost equally as many different factors. However you vote on November 6 (and please do), make sure you’re hoping to promote unity and teamwork within our nation, and not just trying to kick the other side in the pants.