5 Weeks

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Breaks are always welcome, but the 5 week winter break we just had really started to draaaaaaag after New Year’s Day. Regardless, it’s great to be back in ye grand ol’ Iowa City. It’s been so cold, I’ve actually taken to wearing scarfs. They’re functional and stylish!

Here’s an overview of what happened within the last 5 weeks, in case you decided to make like a bear and hibernate in a cave.

  • We learned that tragedy leads to finger-pointing rather than cooperation.
  • We rode up to the fiscal cliff, then instead of falling over, hopped on to a glider. We’ve got a little while before it becomes worthy of major news attention again.
  • The world didn’t end, which is wonderful considering that I decided to not invest all my money in scratch off lottery tickets.
  • A cluster of holidays happened, reminding me of the generous person I should be but give up on soon after.
  • The ball dropped in New York City, but NO ONE had champagne in Times Square.
  • Alabama beat Notre Dame, and we experienced the controversy one man could cause by complimenting a younger woman on national television (although she later commented that it was a nice gesture).
  • The 49ers and Ravens are going to New Orleans. You can join them in the Superdome if you’ve got two grand to drop on a ticket (and a lot more to buy gumbo).
  • People only care about certain sports when they involve controversy. I had forgotten cycling was a thing.
  • Obama was inaugurated for his second term in office, except this time the crowd in DC was a lot smaller. I probably wouldn’t have gone either. IT’S COLD OUT!
  • I purchased 3 new appliances. A blender, crock pot and electric kettle. My life is becoming overrun with convenience. I hired a robot to write this blog.

I probably forgot something, don’t be shy in telling me what.

Happy second semester!