I Take it Back About the Weather

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I'm walking it it, and my shoes are getting soaked.

It’s a Winter Wonderland. I’m walking in it, and my shoes are getting soaked.

Late last year I wrote a post about the snowy weather ruining the school year. I complained about the way the roads would be, how cold it would get and about the fact that I hate soup.

It is currently 45 degrees out, and has been raining all morning. Allow me to apologize for my hasty analysis of what this winter would bring.

Unless I’m forced to make awkward conversation with people on the bus, I’m probably done discussing the weather. There is no formula to describe what it will bring. You can’t count cards and anticipate what Iowa weather will be like. It’s all roulette. From now on, I’m just going to wake up, look out the window, say, “Oh,” and carry on with my day.

There is no meteorology major at the University of Iowa. There’s nothing amazing about the daily weather. I get it.