Football’s Done

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I’m a little heartbroken. Football’s over, which means the sports I watch on purpose are done until the fall (I’ve fallen asleep to a baseball game several times). The festivities culminated last Sunday, in a super event of epic proportions. At least, that’s the way things were supposed to turn out. I’m not sure what changed this year, but the most exciting part of the big game was, according to this blogger, when the lights went out. At our party, the jokes would not stop, and bets were made on how much longer it’d take.

Some friends and I did have a small get together. We all brought a dish. I’ve never had so much cheese dip nor as many desserts in my life, because that’s everything everyone brought. But it was still nice. Then, to the background noise of the biggest football game of the season, we played online quiz games. Before we knew it, the game was over.

The commercials weren’t very memorable.

What happened?

Did you know Poland has the 5th most tractors on any country on the planet?

That’s from one of the quiz games I played.

Anyway, I’m not sure what made this year’s football showdown so not important to me. Maybe it’s because both teams came from opposite coasts, causing me to be completely neutral. I tried to be a 49ers fan. They had a great comeback, or so I’ve heard.

Missed it.