21 and Over? Please…

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This post isn’t super related to college life or the University, but it is something I feel like discussing.

On the commercial for “21 and Over,” there’s a quote claiming that the movie is “the missing link between ‘Superbad’ and ‘The Hangover’.” Googling it, the quote came from an IGN review that’s quite positive and fairly admits that the movie isn’t for everyone. Here’s my movie idea, as the missing link between “21 and Over” and “The Hangover.”
-two 30 year old guys want to open a bar or something, but they have no idea how to do it. They enlist the help of third friend who has judgmental in-laws visiting or a big interview or anything someone with half a brain would take seriously the next day. They have a crazy night, going to every bar or wherever to learn something or whatever. Sexual stuff happens, people get hurt, crude jokes are peppered in everywhere. By the next day, the third with the obligation decides he’s above expectation. The two open a bar or whatever and it works out great.-

Or as an equation:

(2 people who want something) + (3rd friend with obligation) + (Crude and Sexual, Shock value, Humor) = (Goal achieved + Friend with obligation has realization) + (-$10 in your wallet)

If you follow this simple equation, you can claim your idea is clever and original. In fact, you can claim it’s a groundbreaking as two actually clever and original movies.

If you want to use my above idea, go ahead. Take it. I’ll think of another one in five minutes if need be.