“Spring” Break

*Clicks Red, Sequined Heels* “I just want to wear shorts. I just want to wear shorts”
Well that didn’t work! It is still cold here, which is definitely not the best weather for my new high-waisted shorts from Four Seasons. Because it is snowing outside right now, on March 25th, I have to put my mind in a warmer place in order to keep my sanity! 

Spring Break was last week (yes! I know! It is supposed to be spring!)
All students including myself, had a week off from classes.

Like most other college students, hitting up the tropical islands or other warmer parts of the world are all very common destinations among Iowa students. I asked a few friends what they did with their spring breaks, check out the pictures below to see what some of my friends were up to!

As you can see my friends enjoyed the treasures of the United States and abroad, the beaches and the mountains,  while others enjoyed spas or conducted several hours of volunteer in-service hours making a difference! Some of them even received college credit. 🙂

If you wanted more information about the class that took two of my friends to Mexico. Here is the class number and class description. There are just so many opportunities to be had. #GoIowa

165:126 (ABRD:3352) International Perspectives: Xicotepec
Introduction to providing service to communities in underdeveloped countries through discipline‑specific projects to improve community life in Xicotepec, Mexico; cultural and professional preparation for team work in an international environment; service‑learning course in collaboration with Rotary International. Spring break in Xicotepec, Mexico.

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