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  • My Favorite Restaurants in Iowa City
    By Andi on Mon Feb 23rd, 2015

    One of the great things about The University of Iowa’s campus, is its proximity to downtown Iowa City. Being a senior at Iowa, I’ve had 4 good years of exploring the restaurants downtown, and there are still
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  • Top Restaurants in Iowa City
    By Sam on Fri Feb 20th, 2015

    Coming from a small town, I have grown up with limited options to go to when I want to go get something to eat. Iowa City has plenty of options, from breakfast food to Mexican food, there
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  • The Cold is Here!
    By Kaitlin on Wed Feb 18th, 2015

    So far, its been a pretty great winter, its barely snowed and the temperature has been pretty reasonable. This week however, is a bit different.  Today I walked to class in -3 Degree temperature with a wind
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  • Across the Very Large Pond
    By Sauvik on Wed Feb 18th, 2015

    I recently came home from an international recruiting trip to India. I left Iowa on January 16th and was gone until February 2nd. This was my second international recruiting trip for IOWA. After having this experience abroad
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  • Best Sledding spots on Campus
    By Sehseh on Tue Feb 3rd, 2015

    On the night before Super Bowl Sunday, snow finally dumped on campus and graced students with a beautiful landscape.
    With getting almost seven inches in a few hours, shouts could already be heard in the dark as
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  • I – I- I Work Out! (Kind of )
    By Kyra on Mon Feb 2nd, 2015

    In the midst of the beginning of my last semester of my undergraduate career, I have chosen to become a healthier hawk. Just last week I went to the Campus Recreation and Wellness-Center, otherwise known as “The
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  • Syllabus Week?
    By Sarah on Sun Jan 25th, 2015

    Hey Hawkeyes,

    I made it through the first week, sometimes known as syllabus week since most professors go over the syllabus and maybe on the second day of class they will begin covering lecture material. The main
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  • End of the Semester and Looking Forward to the New Year
    By Jaelyn on Tue Dec 30th, 2014


    I know I’ve been MIA for a while, but in my defense I had a pretty hectic semester. I started working in the Iowa City area in August, so one of my biggest projects for the
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  • Is Iowa Actually Hogwarts?
    By Taylor on Sun Dec 14th, 2014

    1. When you receive your acceptance letter, you are seriously like, “Is this real? Am I actually special? Has my whole life lead up to this?” And if you’re getting a scholarship, it’s like you’re Harry Potter
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