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  • Don’t call it a comeback
    By Sam on Wed Jan 28th, 2015

    Welcome back Hawkeyes! Second semester is upon us, and with that comes experience and excitement. Whether you are a freshman finally adjusted to things, a sophomore comfortably happy with apartment living or an upperclassman who hopefully has
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  • 5 Weeks to Wellness Challenge!
    By Andi on Tue Jan 27th, 2015

    As a student at The University of Iowa, you will get more than your fair share of emails from the University advertising different groups, programs, events… the list goes on. But given the nature of my New
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  • Syllabus Week?
    By Sarah on Sun Jan 25th, 2015

    Hey Hawkeyes,

    I made it through the first week, sometimes known as syllabus week since most professors go over the syllabus and maybe on the second day of class they will begin covering lecture material. The main
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  • Time Flies
    By Kaitlin on Sun Dec 28th, 2014

    It is crazy to believe that I have finished my first semester already!! When talking with my friends about the  semester we all seemed to agree that time flies way too fast in college! With the New
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  • Happy New FAFSA Year!
    By Sauvik on Wed Dec 31st, 2014

    January 1st is big for two reasons:

    It’s the start of a new year!
    For Seniors, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will become available!!! (Not as exciting, but VERY important)

    You may be asking yourself,
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  • End of the Semester and Looking Forward to the New Year
    By Jaelyn on Tue Dec 30th, 2014


    I know I’ve been MIA for a while, but in my defense I had a pretty hectic semester. I started working in the Iowa City area in August, so one of my biggest projects for the
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  • A Few Things I Had To Remind Myself About Iowan Winters
    By Kyra on Tue Dec 16th, 2014

    It is December 15th and its 45 degrees outside.

    Not too bad for Iowa right?

    Except for tomorrow it is supposed to snow and drop into the twenties.

    I spent a lot of the winter season last
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  • Is Iowa Actually Hogwarts?
    By Taylor on Sun Dec 14th, 2014

    1. When you receive your acceptance letter, you are seriously like, “Is this real? Am I actually special? Has my whole life lead up to this?” And if you’re getting a scholarship, it’s like you’re Harry Potter
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  • 15 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Walking To Class
    By Olivia on Fri Nov 7th, 2014

    It’s cold out today.
    Why, oh why, did I schedule an 8:30.
    Should have worn a sweater.
    Is that guy in my rhetoric class?
    I’m tired.
    Do I have time to stop for a Starbucks?
    Wait, love
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  • Trick or Treat!
    By Meg on Mon Nov 3rd, 2014

    Halloween! I’ve been saving up all my events so that I could roll them all together in one post. Halloween in England is a relatively subdued event. We usually put decorations up the day before, (or on
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